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Give Or Get Upcycles for the last time

 GiveorGet.ie is Retiring

We regret to inform you that, after ten years of successful upcycling and creative reuse, GiveorGet.ie has reached its completion.

Funded by Cork County Council and managed by Macroom E, GiveorGet.ie started life as wastematchers.com and during its development over the past ten years has helped to find new homes for many a reusable household item, leading to lots of clever repurposing ideas. The main goal was to divert waste from landfill and help create awareness of waste minimisation. Given the novel reuses our members have imagined, we are happy that we succeeded in our goal.

Don’t worry – there are other places for you to search for treasure and find homes for your pre-loved stuff……our sister website smileexchange.ie is now operating nationally and helps to link businesses with resources to businesses without. Check out the recent great astro turf rehoming project and more here.

There is a plethora of recycling pages, websites and civic amenity centres all more than happy to find a new home or an new purpose for your pre-loved items. Here are a few suggestions:
• www.donedeal.ie (free to take away section)
• www.freetradeireland.ie
• www.adverts.ie (free stuff)
• Your local Freecycle group

We kindly ask members to remove their final items over the coming weeks and advise that all remaining items and memberships will be deleted before the website closes.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your membership, continued involvement and support over the years and encourage you to keep re-using, up-cycling and recycling!

Warmest wishes from the GiveorGet.ie team

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GiveorGet.ie is managed by:

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